My experience working with PAPR on my past two productions has been overwhelmingly positive and productive. Mariko’s talent, experience, and passion for promoting and elevating the work of her clients has been an invaluable asset. It was a great relief to know my press releases, communications with writers/publications, and all of the detailed work surrounding these elements would be taken care of by someone who has a deep understanding of this aspect of the industry. With her help I was able to receive more visibility online and in print than ever before, as well as attract a larger and more diverse audience. Additionally, the time she spent getting to know my vision for the work not only helped with promotion, it also helped me to develop a stronger sense of what I was creating. These services were vital to the success of the productions.
— Ashleigh Miller, Faunix Media
Mariko lends an intelligent, intuitive, and creative eye to her work. Most of all, it is her thoroughness and thoughtfulness that make her the person you need on your side. My press releases and grants now have the professional touch of a skilled editor. I have been lucky to have her represent my dance company. She is a lifesaver.
— Alana O Rogers, Choreographer
Mariko was invaluable in helping compile a press release that was concise and professional. She gave deadlines and reminders to the artists involved in DUST and then helped with editing until the language was cohesive and powerful. She is a pleasure to work with and understands both the needs of the artists and those of the press.
— Kimberly Holloway, Choreographer